Mike Fox

Mike spent time in the Army, specialising in Recon patrolling for the 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. He studied Engineer Drafting in 2013 where he discovered a passion for creating products with new technologies.

Mike has a strong drive to develop community through collaboration and relationship building, a skill he has developed from his time in the Military and athletic clothing brand lululemon.





Mick Goodwin

Mick is a builder by trade, he completed his apprenticeship in 2008 and then went on to complete his Builders license. Mick takes pride in both the process and delivery of every product whether it be an apartment building or a coffee table a quality outcome is always of the utmost importance. 

Mick has worked for some of Australia's respected clients and architects. He prides himself on their satisfaction by leaving no stone unturned to provide unmatched quality and service. Working on Hindsight Innovations and Bondi Deck isn't just a job to him its a way of life, he hopes to shape a better future. 

Damian is a highly experienced freelance editor and videographer. He's worked for many different clients and companies over the years to help them realise their goals of great video. Damian has also worked in large corporate environments such as Foxtel so he understands the high quality of production demanded by the industry's giants and uses this same attention to detail to deliver the same quality to his own clients.

Damian loves making videos that people want to watch over and over again. He is constantly striving for the best pictures and sound quality and always delivers the highest quality professional finish and the most creative production methods to lift small business brands and sell your businesses message.